I'm a writer.

I'm non-binary.

I'm researching what that means.

I'm learning how to push at the seams.

I'm confused.

I'm excited.

I'm an introvert.

I'm an extrovert, with my mates.

I'm queer.

I'm figuring out what I'm doing here.

I'm a reader.

I'm a running leader.

I'm spiritual.

I'm all about my morning ritual.

I'm a meditator.

I'm a mediator.

I'm conflict avoidant.

I'm process dependent.

I'm having an existential crisis.

I'm definitely not cis.

I'm romantic.

I'm into semantics.

I'm into philosophy.

I'm into top surgery.

I'm into queer theory.

I'm into Maggie Nelson.

I'm into Kathy Acker.

I'm into Dodie Bellamy.

I'm into New Narrative writing.

I'm into Sara Ahmed.

I'm into Roland Barthes.

I'm into journals.

I'm into taking walks in the dark.

I'm into desert island discs.

I'm into taking risks.

I'm dabbling in nihilism.

I'm daunted by solipsism.

I'm overwhelmed by fatalism.

I'm perturbed by cynicism.

I'm not identifying as trans because it's in fashion.

I'm trying not to plan my day around coffee.

I'm trying out micro dosing but not with LSD.

I'm trying to understand politics.

I'm trying to ignore arrogant pricks.

I'm trying to disappear.

I'm trying to be more clear.

I'm trying to learn how to hand stand.

I'm trying to be more patient and understand.

I'm trying to not think about my ex.

I'm trying to not think about what's next.

I'm waiting to be discovered.

I'm uneasy.

I'm in therapy.

I'm competitive.

I'm repetitive.

I'm a personal trainer.

I'm a prop maker.

I'm a set designer.

I'm a smoothie maker.

I'm a driver.

I'm a cyclist.

I'm a long distance runner.

I'm a picture framer.

I'm a breather.

I'm a yoga lover.

I'm a cross fitter.

I'm a planner.

I'm half Italian.

I'm Taurean.

I'm a Londoner.

I'm born and bred in Hackney.

I'm learning more and more about the body.

I'm a master of the arts.

I'm born with the wrong parts.

I'm lost in fantasy.

I'm bemused by my sexuality.

I'm a home owner.

I'm a dog owner.

I'm a sun worshipper.

I'm a lot older than you think.

I'm partial to a drink.

I'm heart broken.

I'm used as a token, at work.

I'm a friend.

I'm a sister.

I'm an earth 'mother'.

I'm always hungry.

I'm often tired.

I'm experimenting with theta.

I'm into techno which is better.

I'm often too much.

I'm often not enough.

I'm conflicted.

I'm addicted.

I'm practical.

I'm calm.

I'm reliable.

I'm punctual.

I'm strong.

I'm solid.

I'm brave. (sometimes)

I'm excitable.

I'm giddy.

I'm quiet.

I'm fast.

I'm gentle.

I'm bad at communicating.

I'm good at instigating.

I'm introspective.

I'm retrospective.

I'm a diassociator.

I'm an inventor.

I'm intense.

I'm interested.

I'm shit at making a decision.

I'm apathetic about activism.

I'm afraid of fluidity.

I'm afraid of uncertainty.

I'm internalising my homophobia.

I'm riddled with shame.

I'm in quite a lot of pain.

I'm starting again, every day.

I'm trying to slow down.

I'm a liberal.

I'm trying to find neutral.

I'm avoiding being political.

I'm obsessively clean.

I'm trying to figure out what that might mean.

I'm far too abstract.

I'm far too afraid of human contact.

I'm really shit at conclusions.

I'm much better with illusions.